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Building, elevated, refined lifestyle brands for small businesses and solopreneurs.

We partner with design-forward health and wellness, fashion, and design companies to elevate their visual identities and create memorable and enduring brands. We work with early stage start-ups through established brands and provide brand strategy, visual identity design, packaging, and e-commerce site design.


Design centered 


Confidence and ease 

Fewer, Better Things 

We exist to support design focused, heart-led businesses, that believe in creating a sustainable future. We believe in businesses that advocate for fewer, better things, rather than disposable products and fast fashion.

Supporting small businesses, and helping them succeed, create jobs, and create freedom and independence for their founders is our guiding light. 

We do that by helping them gain the confidence to be respected in the marketplace that only a high-level, elevated, fully actualized visual identity can do. I am looking to build a world in which small businesses can thrive, women and non-binary folks can be independent and fully themselves. An elevated visual presence and aligned strategy is essential to be confident, and have a national brand presence.

No “brand sprints” or one day brand intensives here. Everything is done thoroughly, with intention, time for reflection and thought, and adequate research. Time to take a step back and assess the work with fresh eyes is absolutely essential to creating a refined, aligned, and cohesive brand identity.

Aligned & Elevated


Hi, I'm Kendra

I create elevated visual identities for design-forward, heart-led lifestyle brands.

beyond aesthetics, my mission is to create elevated, aligned, fully actualized brands.

After majoring in business at the University of Virginia, andr a year working in advertising in a beach town (dream job!), I went on to earn an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. I started my career at Anthropologie and spent the next 10 years as a designer in the beauty, health and wellness, fashion, and home textile industries, working with companies such as Anthropologie, Free People, Urban Outfitters, Target, United by Blue, and Printfresh. 

With over 10 years of experience working mainly in fashion related graphic and textile design roles, I started to hone in on branding and  visual identity design for startups, focusing mainly on fashion, and health and wellness companies. 

My specialized knowledge in the fashion industry, and experience with a range of brands from start-ups to large corporate brands,  positions me uniquely to design brand identities for companies in those spaces, as well as offering design and sourcing consulting.

I recently started this new facet of my design practice, with the goal of aligning business fundamentals with brand strategy and visual identity design for design-forward, heart-led led brands.

Beyond aesthetics, I work hard to be a strategic and creative partner to my clients through every step of the process, from developing a coherent brand strategy, to gathering visual inspiration,  to creating a visual language that will create a memorable and enduring brand.


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