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3 step visual identity design package for design-forward, heart led companies.

Creating brands


Our exclusive three step process aligns your business vision, your practical goals, and your values, to identify and create a an emotional connection with your ideal customer through your brand voice, values, and visual identity.


signature offering 1: visual Identity design for businesses

case studies

Visual mood board

May also include e-commerce site design, packaging design, and marketing assets, as needed.

Brand strategy workbook + live session +  Brand Clarity Blueprint for lifestyle brands

Visual identity design system with 3-5 logos, 1-3 icons,  mockups, color palette, typography, photography selections and brand guidelines.

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Packaging design: priced by project

Visual identity design: starts at $6,000

Visual identity design + web: starts at $10,000


pricing FOr businesses (for personal brands see next section below)

new all-in-one Design package for personal brands and solopreneurs  

Elevate, Align

Are you building a solo (or small!) art, design, wellness or consulting practice? I have tailored a new offering just for you! It includes  a personal strategy session, visual identity design, web design, and a social media toolkit.  It is everything you need to launch your personal brand!

Social media toolkit: Suite of 6 insta templates + 4 story icons to get you started, shared in Canva.

& Shine

signature offering 2: VISUAL IDENTITY DESIGN FOR personal brands

Brand + web: starts at $5000 

Visual identity design system with logo, one icon or monogram, color palette, typography suite, stock photos, and brand guidelines, shared in Canva.

2-3 page Squarespace  or Showit website with how to guide + video.

case studies

Personal brand strategy workbook + blueprint session for solopreneurs, with visual mood board.

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NEW stand alone Workshop!

Brand Clarity

Our new Brand Clarity Workshop is the crucial first step in in building a brand that is elevated, memorable, and has emotional resonance. We are offering this workshop for the first time as a stand alone service and with an app- based DIY workbook!

DIY & Dig!

signature offering 3:
1:1 brand STRATEGY workshops  

Just exploring your brand strategy and want to DIY it for now? Purchase our Brand Strategy workbook here! You will get instant access to a pdf workbook which you can edit and download anytime. 

* if you book this as a stand alone service and then go on to book  a visual identity design package, this will be deducted from your total. 

Personal brand strategy online workbook + one hour zoom  strategy session 

Brand clarity blueprint

Visual mood board

(included in all visual identity packages)


case studies

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$300* as stand-alone service

what you will learn:

Brand Clarity

Our new Brand Audit is perfect if you are having a hard time figuring out if the time is right to rebrand!

signature offering 4:
1:1 brand audits  

Brand audits are a stand alone service, I will offer you my unbiased assessment based on 15 years of experience helping companies develop brand strategy and visuals. I will review all of your materials in advance and prepare an audit in the form of google doc. Then we will review via a zoom session. Sessions are approximately 2 hours.

Do you feel confident with your current branding? Do you feel like it is on par with the quality of your goods/services?

Does it allow you flexibility? Do you have enough versions of your logos to use in various contexts?

offerings (products or services)
name (if applicable)
marketing emails
color palette
brand voice
and suggested next steps! 


case studies

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We will assess the effectiveness of your:


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“Kendra’s truly collaborative approach fueled creativity, offered vision, and provided support from start to finish. Her aesthetic effortlessly blends organic and geometric elements that convey a refreshing and calming tone. I get daily compliments on my logo and design work!”

—Mary Smith, Life Forward

“Kendra’s work is fantastic! She really listens to your needs/desires and works collaboratively to create a beautiful logo. We are THRILLED with our final result!”

— Kim Orti, Sunstone Yoga

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