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Step One:

what is this workshop for?

What is a brand strategy? It is how your brand’s values, vision, and voice come together to set the foundation for your visual identity. It is a long term plan for how the brand will sound, feel, look, and behave. It involves defining your target audience, mission, vision, core values, messaging, and positioning to create an aligned foundation for the visuals. Read my post for more.

what is brand strategy?

Our ultimate goal is to create a visual representation of your brand, called your brand visual identity.  It is crucial that these visuals be aligned with the most fundamental aspects underpinning your brand, which we will call your brand ethos. The Brand Clarity Blueprint is the best way to ensure that your visuals are an authentic representation of your brand ethos, therefore resonating with your customers, and gaining traction quickly in the market.

Brand Clarity Workshop

I will work with you to dig deep into your brand strategy, exploring your vision, values, and voice. I will ultimately create a Brand Clarity Blueprint, a tangible, actionable guide  that will help you gain clarity and help you stay aligned throughout the branding process. This will be valuable whether you choose to work with me for the visual identity, wait and do it later in your business evolution, or go another direction. This document will also be helpful anytime you need to speak about your brand to potential partners. 

You are the vision holder for your brand. We help you uncover its ethos.

the process:
for businesses

the blueprint

case studies



Step Two:

define goals

Using your brand strategy and ethos as the foundation, we begin to formulate a strategy to create a visual language for your brand. 


Once the direction is chosen, we build out and refine the concept. We will design several versions of your logo, to show up across many contexts.  We will also select and refine your color palette, typography, photography style, and define the overall aesthetic for your brand. We will show you your brand identity in context, with use cases and mockups, so that you can visualize and assess the future of your brand.

Visual Identity design

define direction

The next step is to go through many iterations of top level sketching, and word and visual associations, to translate your brand ethos into a visual identity language and system. We generally present 2-3 directions initially, and then narrow down.

Elevated visuals, rooted in strategy.


Using the brand strategy uncovered in step one, we research other brands in the competitive landscape, and brands in other industries with similar philosophies, to assess the visuals and messaging that are currently present in the competitive space. 


the process:
for businesses

case studies

Brand extension

We offer packaging concepts or full design through sourcing and production. In a retail environment packaging is the main visual representation of your brand and  acts as the best advertisement for your product.

marketing assets

Depending on your needs these could be business cards, promotional merchandise, pitch decks, etc.

social media design


Your website is the place where most people will learn about your brand. It is essential that it embodies your brand's voice, visuals, and overall vibe, as well as optimize conversions and SEO. We design e-commerce and informational sites. 

A la Carte options for putting your brand into action!


Step three:

packaging design

Social media may be the first place that a consumer comes across your brand and signals alot about your brand positioning. For this reason social media design must be carefully considered  and be cohesive with your branding.

case studies

the process:
for businesses

case studies

case studies

For personal brands.

We have a new offering just for you with a streamlined process that includes brand strategy, visual identity design and a custom informational website.

For solo art, design, wellness and consulting practices

Elevate, Align

& Shine

case studies

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Your social media presence is key to a successful personal brand and this will help get you started. To get a jump start on this process, it is ideal to set up professional head shots and/or lifestyle shots before or during the design process!

You will fill out a brand strategy workbook followed by a live work session where we explore your intentions, community, offerings, channels and brand presence. This will evolve into your Brand Clarity Blueprint Document and Visual Mood board. It will include your mission statement, values statement, and bio.

We will work together to translate your strategy into a visual language that will resonate with your followers. I will design a logo system and provide a suite of fonts, and color palette, as well as a collection of free use photos that will align with your brand aesthetic. You will get all the brand assets you need to get you started shared in canva. 

I will design a 2-3 page informational website in Squarespace or Showit, using your brand assets, colors, and typography. It will embody your brand's voice, visuals, and overall vibe. This will be fully functional in mobile, ipad, and desktop viewing. I will include a Squarespace guide and instructional video for you to edit and add content.

case studies

case studies

the process:
for personal brands

"I couldn’t have found a more amazing person to bounce ideas from and support me in my new business dreams. Kendra’s knowledge not only with design, but with small business strategy and social media have been so helpful in what can otherwise be an often lonely journey as a solepreneur. Her expertise blended with her kind and approachable manner are an awesome package and I highly recommend her to assist in bringing your visions to life.

— kirstie ussher,
sense of rest

layered toolkit

I have worked over the years to refine our philosophy and process. We have helped countless teams and soloprenuers start elevated, aligned businesses and thrive. 

To that end we provide a wide range of logos and assets. Brands need to show up across such a wide range of media these days, that is is essential to have logos and assets in a wide range of formats. 

What makes us different

You are the vision holder for your brand, and so we build in many layers of check ins and feedback into the process, giving the best business and design advice possible throughout the process.


All brand identities needs to be rooted in an easy to extend system,  so that the brand can grow quickly and seamlessly. With a flexible system, any new products, new divisions, etc. can be seamlessly integrated.

design as a system

Cohesion is key

To elevate a brand to a national stage, one of the most important elements is brand cohesion, so the brand feels and behaves similarly across all outlets, from social media, to emails, to packaging.

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what they're saying:

“Kendra is an absolute delight to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone with graphic design needs. Her design proposals and ideas are always professional, inspired, and aesthetically beautiful. I love the gorgeous final result of the work she has done for my business and I look forward to working with her in the future.”

— Valery Brinda, Valery Brinda New York 

“Kendra’s truly collaborative approach fueled creativity, offered vision, and provided support from start to finish. Her aesthetic effortlessly blends organic and geometric elements that convey a refreshing and calming tone. I get daily compliments on my logo and design work!”

— Mary Smith, Life Forward

Kendra has MASTERED her craft. From start to finish, Kendra was equal parts reliable, transparent, responsive, and original. During our initial intake/consultation, she gathered some loose parameters for the job. I was a bit lost – entirely unsure which direction I wanted to take my rebrand – so I trusted her guidance. She led me right home. Kendra blended my vision, interests, and core values and output a beautifully rad, incredibly authentic, wildly fun real estate brand that is both professional and memorable. She went the extra mile to integrate and update my website, too. I literally couldn't have launched my new business without her. And I'm grateful to have her as a “consultant” for side jobs and ideas! Thank you, Kendra! 

— Brittany Nettles, Nettles and Co.


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