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What is brand strategy?

Your brand values, vision, voice and visuals.

Before you jump into visual identity design (the visual manifestation of your brand), it is crucial to work out what your brand is about. What is your mission? Whom do you serve? What pain points do they have? What value are you offering to them that your competition does not?

By skipping over this step, you may be missing some fundamental keys to making your business succeed, and creating a deep emotional resonance with your customer.

You also miss out on creating a visual identity that is a very specific and targeted representation of what your brand is truly about. It is easy (and sometimes appropriate) to design a visual identity that is trendy, or classic and minimal, but by skipping the part of the process where you look carefully at your “why” you might miss a great opportunity to connect with your customers, create something that is memorable, enduring, and rooted in your brand ethos. By creating something specific to your mission and audience, you can more quickly gain traction in the market, create brand loyalty, and generate sales.

Brand Clarity Blueprint Workshop

Our new Brand Clarity Workshop is the crucial first step in in building a brand that is elevated, memorable, and has emotional resonance. We are offering this workshop for the first time as a stand alone service and a DIY workbook!

It includes a personal brand strategy online workbook + one hour strategy session, the brand clarity blueprint, and a visual mood board.

The Brand Clarity Blueprint is a tangible, actionable guide that will help you gain clarity and help you stay aligned throughout the branding process. This will be valuable whether you choose to work with me for your visual identity design, hold off until later, or go another direction. This document will also be helpful anytime you need to speak about your brand to potential partners. At the conclusion of the Blueprint, I offer some tips on how to use this strategy to prepare for the Visual Identity Design process including budgeting, collecting visuals, and planning for future expansion. To book a session fill out the form here or email me at kendra@kendralebo.com. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Just exploring your brand strategy and want to DIY it for now? Purchase our DIY and Dig workbook here! You will get instant access to a pdf workbook which you can edit and download anytime. 

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