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You know that feeling, when you don’t feel super confident about the way you are showing up? Do you cringe a little when you send a potential customer a link to your website? Does that mean it is time to rebrand? Read on for how to know when it is the right time, and how to prepare.

1.) How do you feel about your branding? The first question to ask, is how does it make you feel? Do you feel confident sending a link to your website to a potential customer or partner? Do you feel like your branding is at the same level as the product or service you are offering?

2.) Does your brand allow you flexibility? Do you have a full suite of logos for various contexts? For example, do you have a version that works well at small scales? Do you have a version that works for social media? If you are struggling trying to fit a long horizontal logo into a tiny social media circle you might need a rebrand. 

3.) Does your brand feel aligned with the customer you are trying to attract? Have you thought about who your ideal customer is, how to best serve them, and how best to appeal to them? The strongest branding flows from strategy. If you haven’t, my DIY and Dig digital download is a good place to dig into this on your own, or we can set up a 1:1 brand clarity session.  Read more about brand strategy here.

4.) Is your brand cohesive? Do you have a suite of fonts that you use consistently across all platforms? Do you have a palette of colors that you use consistently? Are you comfortable using them or directing your team to? The number one thing that communicates an elevated brand is cohesiveness. Cohesiveness throughout all of your communication touch points indicates a professional, elevated brand.

Ok, you have decided it’s time! What next?

Budgeting: It’s important to think of your outlays in marketing and branding as investments, not expenses, as they generally create an exponential return on investment.  As a small business owner or solopreneur expect to spend between $4000-$20,000 for a full reband.

Preparing: Make sure you know your brand’s purpose. Who are you serving? How are you helping them? How do you reach them? From there you can begin to develop a strategy on how to connect with them. . For more info on that check out DIY and Dig digital download, or look into 1:1 brand clarity session. 

Branding is not just a cool logo and color palette (although these are both important!). It’s a strategic effort to establish the desired perception of your company in the minds of potential customers, to turn them from prospects into buyers.

To learn more and set up a time to chat contact me here! I have a new offering that might be perfect for you, 1:1 brand audits. I will review your current brand and give you unbiased, no pressure advice on whether now is the best time for you to do a full rebrand, to update and refresh your current brand, or to wait until you have a better grasp on your brand strategy, ideal customer, and where to connect with that customer.

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