Making Beauty

Design is not

Making Beauty

Design is not

 from selection, affinities,

Beauty emerges

—Louis Khan

integration, love.

lifestyle brands.

We partner with design focused health and wellness, fashion, and lifestyle companies, to elevate their visual identities and create memorable and enduring brands. We work with early stage start-ups through established brands and provide brand strategy, visual identity design, packaging, and e-commerce site design. 

 design-forward , heart led

We provide brand strategy and visual identity design for

Effective brand strategy is the foundation for a

Visual identity that resonates

You are building an authentic, heart-led brand.

You have an appreciation for design and know it is critically important to your business.

You envision a visual identity that is perfectly aligned with your values, vision and voice. One that is  elevated and differentiated from the competition. One that is specific to your exact niche and brand ethos.

You want a truly collaborative approach and a trusted expert to lead the way.

layered toolkit

We have worked over years to refine our philosophy and process. We have helped countless teams and soloprenuers start elevated, aligned businesses and thrive. 

To that end we provide a wide range of logos and assets. Brands need to show up across such a wide range of media these days, that is is essential to have logos and assets in a wide range of formats. We build out a full, richly layered brand package, with all the assets that you will need to get a strong start in the marketplace.

You are the vision holder for your brand, and so we build in many layers of check ins and feedback into the process, giving the best business and design advice possible throughout the process.


All brand identities needs to be rooted in an easy to extend system,  so that the brand can grow quickly and seamlessly. With a flexible system, any new products, new divisions, etc. can be seamlessly integrated.

design as a system

Cohesion is key

To elevate a brand to a national stage, one of the most important elements is brand cohesion, so the brand feels and behaves similarly across all outlets, from social media, to emails, to packaging.

What makes us different

what they're saying:

Kendra has MASTERED her craft. From start to finish, Kendra was equal parts reliable, transparent, responsive, and original. Kendra blended my vision, interests, and core values and output a beautifully rad, incredibly authentic, wildly fun real estate brand that is both professional and memorable. I literally couldn't have launched my new business without her. And I’m grateful to have her as a “consultant” for side jobs and ideas! Thank you, Kendra! !

— Brittany Nettles, Nettles and Co. 

“Kendra is an absolute delight to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone with graphic design needs. Her design proposals and ideas are always professional, inspired, and aesthetically beautiful. I love the gorgeous final result of the work she has done for my business and I look forward to working with her in the future.”

— Valery Brinda, Valery Brinda New York 

“Kendra’s truly collaborative approach fueled creativity, offered vision, and provided support from start to finish. Her aesthetic effortlessly blends organic and geometric elements that convey a refreshing and calming tone. I get daily compliments on my logo and design work!”

— Mary Smith, Life Forward

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Brand Strategy

Visual Identity Design

Web Design

Packaging Design



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