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 featured case study

A brand is so much more than just a logo.  

Inspired by spirituality, the natural world, fashion, and art, Julie Bowen’s fine jewelry is a feast for the eyes.

A unique shopify site design was key to this luxury bohemian brand. White grounds and minimal boxes and typography were just not the vibe. We used dusty colors, refined typography, and unusa layouts.  An example of that is on the custom page, where we used vintage frames (the client's idea!) to frame the pieces from her custom collection, to signify that they are more personal and special. I combined the frames with a vintage wallpaper pattern to play with the idea of artwork on walls. We worked with the amazing developer Codearium, to bring this highly customized and singular site to life. 

Check out the live site here.

Customized Shopify e-commerce site

Julie came to us with the goal of a brand refresh and a new ecommerce website for her luxury jewelry line. She felt that the current website felt too basic and off the shelf for a bespoke luxury brand, and the branding seemed stale. However she had a lot of success with her logo and did want any major changes to it. 

Brand Elevation

We also leveraged the collages to make a series of postcards, which showed off our extended color palette with a few bright pops. We extended this into social media, marketing pieces, and advertising.

Marketing collateral

From the Client:

I LOVE MY WEBSITE!!!!!!! Over the moon and stars with the website and the collage and the custom! BEYOND! THANK YOU!!!


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